First, let's ditch the dry, chapped lips! Use a warm, wet, soft toothbrush or facial loofah gently to exfoliate the lips, then follow up with a natural ingredient lip balm to keep the moisture locked in.

Pure organic coconut oil, shea and cocao butters are wonderful as added moisturizers as a balm to lock in moisture-rich nutrition right thereafter a few minutes before lip color.  This mixture is as well as a pre-exfoliant booster and serves well as a bedtime moisturizing balm.  You can blend and/or melt them together on a low heat and jar it yourself in a glass container. I am a fan of mixing well to blend by mashing the mixture to soften vs. heating.

Once your lips are exfoliated and conditioned,  they will feel velvety soft, smooth and look plumper.

Then you are primed and ready for lipcolor! For great coverage and longer lasting wear, fill lips in with a pencil that matches them or the lipstick. Then apply color, press lips together gently, not rolling them all the way to lip line, blot and voila!



Whether you're after a fresh new look, a spicy option for a night out on the town, or just a classic glamorous alternative, here's a little info to help guide you:

Fair Skin

If your complexion is prone to redness, start with evening out your skin tone with a creme powder or a bit of concealer and/or foundation plus powder to avoid highlighting ruddiness.  When choosing a shade, look for sheer, blue-based reds. Though bold, these cool hues don’t look overly harsh against pale skin tones.

Olive Skin

With the warm undertones in your skin, you can pull off almost any red tone, especially siren red!

Dark Skin

This complexion can be warm or cool.  If your skin has golden undertones as Halle Berry's does, choose reds with a brown tone, brick or rusty red, however if you have more blue undertoned as Alek Wek’s does, choose deep rubies with a hint of pink, like dark cherry or burgundy.

For a bit more pizzazz, A low shimmer can be fun to add onto your inner lower lip.  Personally, I am not a fan of high gloss shine with such a bold statement color.  To insure that color doesn't bleed, you can use a bit of translucent powder on lip line.

To keep the overall look clean for any skintone, avoid wearing bronzer or heavy contour and blush, which can seem muddy when paired with a bold lip color and allows your lips be the focus.

Go easy on the eyes with a quick swipe of mascara or set of soft natural strip lashes or add a few individuals and/or black liner with a touch of concealer and soft blush if needed, you'll be good to go!

Now put your best pout forward!



A weekly deep conditioning treatment can prove to restore moisture to your hair, help prevent frizz and damaged ends.  There’s no need to buy an extra product, simply try this:


Add 1/8 cup coconut oil, avocado oil or any nut oil to 1/4 cup your favorite conditioner, double amounts for medium to long hair.

1. Combine it all, mixing your choice of oil in increments, rather than all at once, into the conditioner in a bowl,

2. Apply to clean hair in sections starting from back hairline at nape of neck, working up to top in sections.

3. Leave in at least 15 minutes under a plastic cap with a towel turbaned up or a wool beanie cap to hold in body heat,  30-60 minutes will prove well, the longer, the better.  You can even let it dry after 15 minutes under a cap and leave it in over night to rinse it out the next morning.


 I am available to do hair-cutting, make-up instruction as well as makeovers for any occasion.


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